Tantric Water Massage Techniques A.K.A. Showergasms (For Men)

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Tantric Water Massage Techniques A.K.A. Showergasms (For Men)

Gabriel Isadora (son of Psalm Isadora) is a renowned masculine sexuality empowerment leader in the self-love and spirituality industry focusing on the study of orgasms, in particular, multiple male orgasms both NEO (non-ejaculatory orgasms) and EO (ejaculatory orgasms) of a different range and variety while utilizing interesting, innovative, and distinctive concepts like his very own signature method “Tantra Fit” to many others he’s cultivated through his application mainly from a yoga, tantra, and physical fitness based background. To see more of Gabriel’s expert wisdom on unlocking masculine sexuality, visit Karma Tantric’s article, “How To Have Male Multiple Orgasms Without Ejaculating.”  (written by Gabriel Isadora) 

Ever been in the middle of bathing to awaken to a sudden pleasurable sensation between the legs? An accident but the kind of accident you wouldn’t mind having over and over again? It’s likely you experienced a small taste of a “showergasm” and why stop there when the fun has just begun.

Question: First of all, what the hell is a showergasm? 

They’ve been known to happen when sexual stimulation occurs to the external genitals through the use of any spouted water source. Water applies sensation to the skin and showers supply continual streams of water. Basically, we can draw the conclusion the sensations to the skin will be continual as well, no different than during a hand job or blow job where the mechanism providing the stimulation is also continually moving to allow the nerves of the recipient to be sparked over and over again for repeated eroticism until the big O is finally reached.

Question: Okay…so why should I care? 

Showergasms give you all the benefits of regular masturbation without the risk of chafing the skin and or reducing the likeliness of UTIs due to poor-hygienics during sexual hand play. Also, just as with traditional orgasms, they produce large amounts of oxytocin and dopamine. Therefore, through this practice we limit potential health risks while still achieving the same hormone healing release we’re all fond of and used too.

Question: Right…any other reasons why I should give it a try?

Notice the difference between self-masturbation and partner-masturbation? How the sensations aren’t exactly the same? This brings me to my next topic, the infamous “stranger” technique. This technique, where individuals may perform various methods of inducing temporary numbness in their limbs (usually the arms and hands) is performed in the hopes of finding a different kind of sexual stimulus while attempting to self-masturbate in order to reach the feeling of a “stranger” getting them off instead of themselves. Similarly, shower heads produce a comparable “stranger” effect since the stream of water is continuous and not literally connected to your body or coming there from allowing for variety of sexual play which is more fun!

Question: And you can vouch for this method yourself? 

From my own individual experience, I can say that showergasms are quite sneaky and delightful in their true nature with an interesting twist and blend of metal, aqua, and sensual mystique that will leave your mind wondering if it was really yourself triggering your sex nerves or possibly someone else (or something else…) and how beautiful god has made us that we as humans can be sexually liberated in so many fun and fascinating ways.

What tools required:

Detachable Shower heads would and will work the best given the practicality and ability to distance and manipulate the water being projectile through the nozzle to your naked body. Although, a regular shower head or spout could do the job given you’re limber enough to become the detachable shower head in essence and maneuver yourself around to continue the stimulus effect to allow thorough and consistent sensations to follow through.

How to perform:

Begin by moving the nozzle up and down and further away and closer towards the underside of the shaft of the penis, closer to the underside of the head for the best results since most of the nerves that provide the sexual stimulus are lumped summed there. By producing this locomotion and oscillating effect it will allow for further stimulation which will lead to greater sexual pleasure and lastly, a magnificent release.

The Takeaway:

Masturbation is a perfectly healthy way to relieve your stress in a non-violent or usually non-harmful way. Though, there are still some problematic issues to be aware of and for all my chronic masturbators out there getting them wonderful orgasms it’s good to know that there’s always another and potentially better way to blow your load. Showergasms are just one of many safer alternatives to relieving yourself while avoiding potential risks and side effects to such a glorious occasion as well as enhancing the orgasm with a sense of foreign touch for an even better event altogether.

Other things to consider…

So much of orgasmic potential is mental. Being that the mind is powerful enough to produce orgasms just from mere thoughts and dreams alone. Then, it is quite easy for us to comprehend what you choose to think about and focus on with your imagination while pursuing to climax will indefinitely relate to how strong the excitement is and have a direct impact with how intense, hard, and long your orgasm will be and feel. Safe to say this is the case with most forms of sexual play/activity so you better find something sexy to think about while you perform and attempt a legitimate showergasm or that will be all it will be…. an attempt. In other words, get to know yourself a little better as it will surely pay off in the end.

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