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Tantra Touch Survey

Dear Lovers,

Your opinion matters to me, so I would love to ask you a question…

Since we are already halfway through Tantra Touch, so many of you have gotten back to me, letting me know that you’ve experienced profound healing, activated your magnetic attraction and explored deep levels of intimacy by using the sacred ancient techniques I shared with you in the program.

In addition to the heartwarming feedback I received (which I’m absolutely grateful for), I’ve also received tons of smart questions from many of you who want to go deeper. Who want to truly benefit from my 10 years of teaching and traveling the world to study with the most advanced masters.

It wasn’t hard for me to notice that many of you have the desire to experience profound transformation and spread light and empowerment to make a positive impact in this world.

Which is why I decided to do something I’ve never done before for you: I will be teaching my entire arsenal of scripts, tools and methods and live, 1-on-1 for 8 immersive days in Los Angeles… only for the real pioneers who are not afraid to shine a light on their own stuck patterns and do the work to break through.

In this 8-day LIVE immersion where you get to work closely with me, you’ll learn my very best tools and techniques (like Tantra Breathwork, Meditations, Chakra Mapping and much, much more) which will allow you to….

  • Explore and uncover your true essence – what did your soul come here to do?
  • Strip away and heal your old stories, traumas and stifling fears
  • Liberate yourself from the deeply rooted limiting patterns from your childhood and reveal your authentic, radiat self
  • Unlock never before experienced levels of energy and vitality
  • And so much more

My sole motivation for this 8-day immersion is to be able to serve you at the highest level possible and make sure that YOU get everything you need out of the live training.

Will you help me by answering a couple short questions?

This is the first time that I’m making all of my scripts, tools, methods and techniques fully available, live and in person and the last time I’ve shared some of these secrets on stage, I got standing ovations and feedback that almost brought me to tears.

This is profound and powerful work and it’s only for those of you who feel truly called to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Is that you?

Take this short survey and tell me how I can best support you in making your dreams come true!

With love and gratitude,

Psalm Isadora, Sex Expert founder Urban Kama Sutra
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