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Tantra coaching Certification

EXTRA BONUS: The next 20 who enroll will receive a membership to Psalm’s Urban Kama Sutra online program.

Discover how to master the principles of Tantra and bring light, love and empowerment to the world by joining me LIVE for a 1-on-1 coaching certification

Join Psalm Isadora LIVE in LA for this accelerated 8 day program that will allow you to master the sacred principles of Tantra, get to the core empowerment of YOU, live your full potential and create instant breakthroughs to live your soul’s passion and purpose in this world.


Liberate Your Potential

An Early Bird Special for METAMORPHOSIS
Psalm’s Most Elite Program Yet

Today I want to personally invite you to take this journey one step further, if you feel called: Would you like to work live 1-on-1 with me? To benefit and learn from my 10 years of teaching, traveling the world to study with masters and bringing together the core of these ancient teachings – in 8 immersive days? Do you feel called to spread light and empowerment, and to truly make a positive impact in this world?

Then I’m excited to say: You’re invited to my certification program!

This is the most elite live coaching I have ever offered and is for the pioneers who want to work this closely with me. Never before have I given anyone access to my entire arsenal of scripts, methods and techniques…. And now for the first time ever, I’m making my most valuable tools available for both men and women to learn and teach

Because I truly believe in Gandhi’s famous words:

“Be the change you want to see in the world” -Gandhi

Who is the certification for?

This immersive program is not for everyone!

It’s for the high achievers who are ready for a profound transformation.
For the pioneers who are not afraid to look at their own stuck patterns and do the work to break through.
And it’s for the visionaries who want to be part of something bigger than themselves, making a positive impact in the world.

  • If you’re not willing to go deep and make a commitment to this journey?
  • If you’re not willing to invest in yourself?
  • And if you’re not able to commit to and show up for 8 days of live immersion with me in LA?

Then is program is not for you at this point.

I am offering this opportunity and investing my time in this because I realize it’s my responsibility to pass along what I have learned. It’s my responsibility to train effective teachers to carry this important message out into the world. And this is my invitation to you!

Ancient Secrets Uncovered Step-By-Step For You – Expect Immediate Breakthroughs!

My work strips away your stories, your traumas, your fears. It liberates you from the deeply rooted limiting patterns from your childhood and reveals to you the true YOU.

Together, we will explore and uncover your essence- what did your soul come here to do?
I will guide you to remember that and then push through all the fears – strip the story and get to the beautiful, radiant core of YOU.

I will light the fire in you and initiate you to EVOLVE into your authentic self. So that you then can go out into the world and offer the same to others.

In my lineage of 5,000 year old Tantra that means I activate your kundalini and strip away to the most potent seed of truth that is meant to spiral out like a fractal or DNA spiral and set you loose into the world and become what you are truly destined to be- regardless of external circumstances.

Most people are running on low energy, low electricity and stuck in deeply embedded reenactment patterns that were locked into the cellular memory of their bodies from childhood development, trauma or survival skills that worked once but have turned against your expansion and growth.

That’s why most people are incongruent- they “say” they want happier relationships, to have harmony with their families, to be successful…but their underlying beliefs are keeping them too afraid to let go of their old stories.

You are not your story.

Let me help you experience a breakthrough to have that secret “something”, that “glow” and be magnetic with positive energy and more attractive to other people in all your relationships. That is your true core SELF underneath the story and I will help you remove the story so you truly SHINE.


Why should you trust me? Where did I learn these secrets from?

I had to live through my own rock bottom to the point of being suicidal until an inner voice woke up my desire to be free of my victim story. This inner fire and voice led me to India and my journeys around the world because I knew I could take my greatest trauma and turn it into triumph- by helping others find the positive energy and use the tools I had found. Because of the dark places I had to walk through myself and the soul retrieval work I had to do- I can take you deep and hold your hand, step-by-step across your fears and limitations…. All the way to the other side- your life in technicolor- you living your full potential as your most empowered self. Most experts can’t take you as deep, but that is my commitment to you.

I reverse engineered everything I have learned in 10 years traveling the globe to study with masters of Tantra, Sufis and Native American Medicine Men. I took the core of all these travels, teachings, masters and the wisdom that has come from my own healing from my rock bottom – and I have taken all the learnings from 9 years of teaching certifications to teachers and coaches and put it all into my Emotional Liberation 8 Day Accelerated Coaching + Certification.

You don’t have to wander the globe for 10 years like I did or spend years in remote areas searching for the ancient tools because I have taken all I learned and am ready to hand it to you now… LIVE, in person and in only 8 days.

There will only be 40 spots available and I will hand select every single person because I am investing my time personally in these people and no one else will be getting my attention this way in the future.

Are you one of the 40 pioneers who feel called to join this accelerated program?


Lead My Meditations and Tools In The First 4 Days of Your Coaching

You will be given scripts to use so that you will feel confident leading these unique tools I have created:

  • KISS Meditation

    • For business (eye contact, connection and confidence)
    • For Friends and Family (have more harmonious family life)
    • For Intimacy and Romance (connect on the mind, body and soul level)
  • 3 part Tantra Breathwork

    • For unlimited energy
    • Increased performance
    • More creativity
    • To unlock your unique genius
    • Find your bold voice
  • Chakra mapping for blockages

    I will give you my chakra mapping chart to use on yourself and coaching clients to locate the blockage in the body first (because the body doesn’t lie) and then to trace that back to psychological and energetic blockages.


    A simple two-part exercise to release your heart from your mind’s vicious grip and turn your dominant thoughts from fear-based to intimacy-based.


But you will get more than a binder full of notes at my training. You will experience my live techniques first hand and I will give you the WHY and HOW of these unique live processes I do with people at live events and coaching:

  • Regression through body memory ( the Polaroid of the first time you froze a memory in your body)
  • Tantra Heart Meditation to release stored traumas in the body that cause reenactment of negative patterns
  • My signature “hot seat” technique to strip the story and have instant breakthrough

Hear real stories:

Thousands have benefited from my programs, here are some testimonials.

Feeling grateful

This course is completely changing me from the inside out. I was brought up with a lot of shame around sex due to my Catholic upbringing. It turns out I’m a very sensual woman but have been repressing this part of me for most of my life. This repression ultimately led to disempowerment and numbness. As a result I ended up with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. I thought I would never be able to have any sensation in my breast. To my amazement as I let go and just allowed myself to feel all of it, I experienced such incredible love and well being; a tingly sensation all over including my breast. The intimate connection to my being literally brought tears to my eyes. I feel like now for the first time in my life I’m really beginning to know who I am. This new found love and appreciation for myself is manifesting in my relationship as well. My husband and I are not only having the best sex ever, but our relationship is transforming into a mutual acceptance of each other. With an open heart and much gratitude I can experientially say I love my life ❤️ This is a huge step for me. Thank you Psalm and I also want to thank this amazing community.

– Tantra Touch Student


“Psalm taught me breath work that helps me perform better as an NFL athlete.”

Psalm taught me breath work that helps me perform better as an NFL athlete. I really use it before a game, when I am more nervous because it clams me down and help me stay grounded. When I am about to walk into a situation like that in front of 90,000 people and being filmed for TV, my nerves get on the edge because there are so many things that can happen that I can’t control. It helps me to be less emotional and not react from fear or anxiety, but to react with calm focus and perform better and make better choices. I just breathe better in general, Psalm taught me how to breath more deeply and find pockets to expand my energy in my body so that when I run I can last longer without getting tried.

Chris Carter,
NFL Linebacker

“I was deeply impressed with how compassionate,insightful and innovative she is.”

When I saw Psalm’s Lecture at a recent workshop, I was deeply impressed with how compassionate, insightful and innovative she is, integrating yoga, tantric massage, and sex therapy; clearly, Psalm is a new role model for sexually empowered women.

Barry Komisaruk
Ph.D. Behavioral Neuroscientist

“She has such an amazing insight from the woman’s perspective.”

Psalm Isadora, there’s not enough paper or time to describe this woman, she has such an amazing insight from the woman’s perspective. She is definitely a pioneer with getting people to start having real dialogue about the taboos of sex, intimacy and relationships.

Keith Mitchell
NFL linebacker, Pro Bowl

“Breakthroughs and true transformation is what you can expect.”

Psalm Isadora is one of the few people that I recommend when it comes to anything with true tantra and sexuality. Through working with Psalm, I learned how to work with my breath in a powerful way that led to loving myself more, embodying my confidence more, and expanding my service to the world.

I now incorporate Psalm’s unique breathing teachings into my therapy and coaching practice and have found them to be beneficial beyond words for my clients. Breakthroughs and true transformation is what you can expect.

Christine Gutierrez Psychotherapist

“My partner and I found strength in intimacy.”

Simply being in Psalm’s presence begin the Tantric wheel turning. Melting the ego into the breath, Psalm’s gentle guidance allows the body to respond to nature cues in the most sensual and profound way. In trusting Psalm with the delicacy of our relationship, my partner and I found strength in intimacy; a breakthrough of unimaginable pleasure!

Gabrielle Anwar
Scent of A Woman, Burn Notice

“She does some deep, beautiful, soulful work.”

Psalm Isadora exudes sensuality in a palpable way. Her story is the fuel to her fire, it’s inspiring beyond words. She does some deep, beautiful, soulful work. This is a REALLY powerful program. The topics covered and the vulnerability and openness just blew me away. It was deep, inspiring and really helpful to move me in the direction of my greatest self. Transformation at its best. Thanks for sharing this!

Steffani Fort LeFevour

Listen and Watch to Psalm About Healing From Trauma

There are 2 track options for Metamorphosis Students:

TRACK A – Become an Isadora Tantra™ Certified Coach. In order to be certified all students must meet the presentation criteria of the 4 Fundamental Teaching Scripts and meet the requirements of the 6 Pillars of Excellence.

TRACK B – Personal Development. All students are automatically enrolled in Track B.



$15,000 Coaching, Training and Certification

Save $5,000 with the Early Bird special

Your special offer is $10,000

Payment plans available

21st July 2017 – 31st July 2017

The location of the training will be at the luxurious Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.

Mondrian Hotel & SkyBar
8440 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069


Take The Next Step

For a limited time only Metamorphosis is available at an Early Bird discount for serious students. Psalm will personally doing 20 minute phone consults to see if you are the right fit for this accelerated training in July.

Please only apply for the 20 minute call if you are serious about attending, and can make the time and tuition investment.

Your Personal Details: