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4 Workout Tips for Better Sex

By Psalm Isadora

Men, if you are out of shape and not flexible, you will have less sexual positions possible to bring her pleasure. Being your healthiest and fit self isn’t just superficial on the outside, the psychological effects boosts your confidence and make you more attractive to your partner.

As a woman, I have to admit that men have to work harder to perform than the opposite sex. Being a great lover takes dedication and preparation.

Single men “on the hunt” should be aware that we form strong impressions of our sexual partners in the first encounters. If you perform well the first time, that original imprint will always stay in her mind that sex with you is good. She will keep returning to you to get that first great sexual encounter that her subconscious remembers. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true, if the first time is not good, her first primal impression of you will be that the sex is not great, even if it improves over time. And for men who are in long-term relationships, you don’t want to get lazy and take your partner for granted. According to a recent study, 44% of women in relationships who cheat do so because of sexual attraction.

Common Sexual Performance Problems


You know when you finish before she does and she says, “it’s okay”…  it’s not.

If you finish fast, her desire probably won’t last.  In the game of love making, finishing early is not a bonus for your female partner.


One of my clients shared with me that she had finally left a boyfriend she really loved because he could only do two sexual positions because his belly would be in the way. They could do cowgirl with her on top and doggie style with his belly resting on her back. She had tried to make it work for a while, but when she saw he wasn’t making changes to be more healthy and fit, she left the relationship.


One of my clients wanted to have women be more attracted to him. He confided in me that he was a 30-year old virgin. He was a computer programmer and spent most of his time hunched over his computer. His posture was rounded and he seemed awkward. Instead of having him talk about issues, I had him start working out to change his posture and produce more testosterone to have more masculine energy and virility.

4 Workout Tips for Better Sex

1. Cardio for stamina – finish the race for her pleasure

Get the cardiovascular edge with HIIT Training. Professional football players don’t just jog around the track, they do High Intensity Interval Training.  High Intensity is going as hard as possible.  Interval Training is resting in between.  This helps your sexual performance because you will be ready to go harder when she is ready and then flip her on top to cowgirl to give yourself rest between intervals of intensity.

2. More testosterone and virility with squats and hip thrusts

Low testosterone can cause symptoms of reduced sexual interest or performance, difficulty achieving an orgasm and reduced genital sensitivity. Lower body exercises like squats and hip thrusts with heavy weight are excellent for increasing the production of testosterone in the body.

A common mistake many men make is focusing too much on the upper body and not developing power in their lower body. This creates an imbalanced effect of big arms and chest, but skinny legs and a flat butt. Studies show that the bench press elicited no hormonal changes whereas squats did. Testosterone also reduces fat all over the body, especially unwanted belly fat. So don’t forget to work your lower body with hip thrusting movements while loading heavy weights to create more testosterone, sexual power and drive.

3. Yoga for flexibility and deeper penetration

Yoga gives you flexibility, which most men need in their hips and hamstrings to be able to perform more sexual positions. You don’t want to get a cramp in the throes of passion! Hip opening poses like Pigeon pose and Frog pose help open your hips for deeper penetration in missionary. When your hips are tight you can’t penetrate her as deeply. Bridge pose helps you have the core strength to lift her when she is in Cowgirl position.  Believe me, as a woman, it takes this position to a whole new level. Another benefit of yoga is deep breathing and relaxation, which can help deepen your connection and intimacy with your partner as well as increase the time you can stay simultaneously aroused and relaxed for greater endurance.

4. Kegels for control

Kegels aren’t just for women. Men need to be able to isolate the sexual PC muscles to have more control of their arousal and ejaculation for greater sexual endurance. Try squeezing your perineum muscles (the space between the testicles and the anus) on an inhale and relaxing them on your exhale. Do reps for five minutes to strengthen this muscle so you are prepared and can control the urge to ejaculate during heightened pleasure.

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