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Are You Starving For More Intimacy? Listen To Me Share The Secrets Of Attraction, Love and Confidence

Ignore the commercials, the glossy magazines, and everything you see in movies. Shut off the TV, throw out that romance novel, and don’t even think of paying attention to the sham smiles and feigned happiness on the billboards.

Instead, we want you to do something almost no one ever does.

We want you to think about your love life in full honesty. Think about the romance and everything in between. Every awkward kiss, messy make-out, passionate embrace, and fiery moment.

How do you feel? What pops into your head?

Well, if you’re like 90% of adults, you’ve probably had a mix of the following feelings and experiences:

  • Some truly amazing moments in the beginning that inevitably die down to a low simmer after a few months
  • Excitement and anticipation mixed in with general anxiety, perhaps stemming from repressed emotions and feelings of unworthiness
  • Fiery chemistry that is soon replaced with an emotional disconnect between yourself and your partner that may have led to frustration or resentment
  • Feeling judgemental about your own body, maybe even thinking, “There’s something wrong with my body.”
  • Feeling guilty, anxious, emotional pain, unworthy, or simply unattractive.
  • Inability to express what you really want, whether to yourself to your partner or even understanding what it is you actually need
  • Excruciating fear of missing out big time, as if there’s something so much bigger and better out there, but you just can’t reach it…

The Truth Is You Are Missing Out

But let us be clear. NONE of this is your fault.

Society, religion, your upbringing, media, generations upon generations of ingrained shame, stigma, and taboo surrounding sensuality have blocked you from truly understanding your own personal sexual power.

And here’s what they don’t want you to know:

YOU are a sexual being. YOU have sexual energy. And YOU are capable of connecting with it for more joy, love, pleasure, adventure, creativity, and intense chemistry and passion.

Your Sexual Psyche Reset Starts Now

Imagine this: a full body-mind-spirit reset that transforms the deepest core of your being, releases past trauma, and awakens your already-present innate sexual power.

What does this look like? Here’s just sneak peak of what you’ll experience:

  • Feeling absolutely amazing, confident, and strength in yourself
  • Intense intimacy that only gets stronger and stronger between you and your partner
  • Having heads turn your way the moment you walk into a room
  • Loving and enjoying your own body, and never doubting your own confidence and attraction
  • The ability to tap into your own sexual energy at any time and use it to captivate the right people
  • Increased joy, harmony, and balance in all other areas of your life.

A Program Designed Specifically For Beginners To Tantra

Maybe you’ve only just read about Tantra, or heard it mentioned on the radio or TV once. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with how much is out there and new to you. Maybe, you just don’t know where to start.

But if you have to be honest with yourself, you know you want more than what your current love life has to offer. You know you deserve better pleasure. And You know you’re on the brink of something truly amazing, powerful, and sacred.

So give yourself a hug and take pride in yourself. Because you’re about to make a step towards a true transformation for your body, mind, and spirit

Intro To Tantra: Activate Your Tantric Journey & Sexual Power

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, married, dating, or “it’s complicated”. And it doesn’t matter if you’re new to Tantra or have never even done a yoga class. This program is for everyone and made specifically to be accessible by people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Tantra is a 5,000-year-old ancient practice fusing mind, body, and soul with love-making and intimacy, solidify the connection and intimacy between partners. It taps into a beautiful and natural part of human existence. It is, at the very core, the practice of love.

With the Intro To Tantra course, you’ll get instant access to these seven powerful tantric lessons:

Lesson 1: Dispelling The Myths Of Tantra

  • Discover the foundations of Tantra and the basics of connecting with your own sexuality.
  • Understand how the ancient practice of Tantra is not a difficult practice reserved for the most spiritual, but a powerful tool that can be applied to your everyday life for immediate benefit.
  • Learn how to connect your mind, body, and soul for sexual harmony and balance.
  • Learn the beauty and pleasure of the “Conscious Quickie”.
  • Experience more joy, love, and confidence in your own body.

Lesson 2: How To Feel Comfortable In Your Own Body

  • Discover the “Featherlight Touch” technique to turn your whole body into an erogenous zone for out-of-this-world orgasms.
  • Overcome any insecurities and anxieties you may have about your own body and sexuality.
  • Learn to flip the script on body shaming so that you can turn judgement into pleasure.
  • Discover new tools to use in foreplay or on your own.

Lesson 3: Activating Your Sex Magnet

  • Discover and master simple tantric techniques that’ll “switch on” your inner sex magnet for heightened attraction and sexual energy
  • Learn “The Secret Squeeze”
  • Understand how to use breathwork to intensify your orgasms and increase confidence through the “Bliss Breath”
  • Master “OYoga” moves for increased energy, empowerment, and openness.

Lesson 4: Couple’s OYoga Sequence

  • Discover how to incorporate tantric secrets into yoga for increased intimacy, acceptance, and passion.
  • Can be used as foreplay before sex or as a way to connect and experience daily intimacy.
  • Increases sex drive, stress relief, better sleep, pleasure, and mental focus.
  • Affects ALL areas of your life.
  • Can be done with a partner or alone.

Lesson 5: Three-Part Tantra Breathwork

  • Discover the three key types of breath for better sex and increased intimacy in the bedroom and in all other aspects of your life.
  • Release blocked negative energy or past trauma
  • Master the “Bliss Breath” technique to build up inner-body connection
  • Learn how to perform the “Breath of Arousal” for increased heat, fire, and controlled energy
  • Learn the “Sound Breath” technique to increase blood flow, release stuck tension, relax your body, and turn on your confidence
  • Just a few minutes a day and you’ll begin to feel the difference already

Lesson 6: KISS Meditation

  • A powerful couple’s meditation that strengthens and boosts the four pillars of sexual connection: KINETIC MOVEMENT, INTIMACY, SLOWING DOWN, and SENSUALITY
  • Allows you to create deeper, more meaningful human connections and break past harmful taboos.
  • Invigorates your body with a surge of heat and energy

Lesson 7: Sexual Energy Manipulation

  • Activate your inner “sex magnet” so you can control and manipulate your own sensuality and energy
  • Learn to tap into other people’s energy, helping them move their chi and improving their feelings of joy and confidence.
  • Understand how you can withdraw or send out your energy and how this affects others
  • Become more playful with your own energy for heightened feelings of love, confidence, and attraction.

Meet Your Teacher, Psalm Isadora: The Sex Expert & Relationship Guru To Celebrities, CEOs, Professional Athletes, And Now You…

Psalm Isadora is an internationally renowned Relationship Expert and founder of global relationship coaching Intro to Tantra. She also created OYoga, a unique form of yoga specially designed to help women “light the world on fire” with the help of their body and has introduced Tantra into millions of households through TV and worked with tens of thousands in person at live events.

Psalm’s foray into studying sexuality was triggered by the deep pain she endured as she went through years of sexual trauma as a child, which catapulted her into a downward spiral of anxiety and even depression. At one point, it was so bad that she had gained 30 pounds, was a single mom and had no drive or energy to basically do anything with her life. That was when she knew she was going to die if she didn’t find a way to heal herself and her sexual energy.

A series of trips to India and 9 years later, she mastered the fun, ecstatic and enlightening world of Tantra and yoga. She now works to teach tens of thousands of people across the world how to truly live a fiercely authentic and happy life by reclaiming their sexuality.

Your Intro To Tantra 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

3 heartfelt promises to let you know you’re 100% safe:

Guarantee 1


From the content, to the product and even our global community… I promise that you’ll get the best quality in the marketplace! The entire program is carefully designed with you and your individual needs in mind, so that it’s easy, enjoyable and fun for you to go through the training and experience epic results.

Guarantee 2


If you join us for the Tantra For Beginners program, you WILL experience almost immediate results! You’ll experience profound changes and shifts in your body, your mindset and your emotions. You’ll learn to love your body, love yourself and to be open to give and receive love. And of course… you’ll have greater sex, more passion and more pleasure. Come and see for yourself! And don’t forget that you can reach out to me and my team at any time if you have questions or need additional support. We’re here for you!

Guarantee 3


The Tantra For Beginners program gives you all the tools and exercises you need in order to unlock your sexual potential and experience deeper levels of pleasure. But honestly… this is about so much more than “just” sex. The program will also have a positive and tangible impact on all areas of your life. If you feel sexier, stronger, more confident and full of energy, your finances, your career, your health and even your friendships will be positively impacted as well!

Don’t Decide Now. You have 30 Days.

I keep my promises and I know that talk can be cheap sometimes. So, if for any reason this program doesn’t live up to any of the promises, drop me and my team an email and you’ll get all of your money back – up to 30 days from your date of purchase. I’m that confident and I KNOW you’re going to love the Intro to Tantra program!

Are you ready for mind-blowing orgasms, deeply intimate connections and more energy, creativity and success in all areas of your life? Then join Intro to Tantra today – you’ll get instant access to the women’s, men’s AND couple’s videos as soon as you sign up below!

How Intro To Tantra Works

Everyone learns at their own pace and because Tantra is a very personal experience, the course is made so that you’ll have all the time you need. You can revisit any of the videos at any time. Watch them once or as many times as you want. Watch them alone or watch them with a partner. Intro To Tantra is designed for beginners, so rest easy knowing that you’ll never be asked to do anything that might feel uncomfortable or overly advanced.

We suggest going through the video lessons in the order that they’re presented, but if a certain video is pulling at you, by all means, go for it.

And this goes without saying, but we will always protect your information and privacy. Our membership area is secure and password-protected to ensure discretion and absolute privacy.

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“A minute or two of that Transformational Sound Breath, and it’s like, I’m back on. And I’m relit!”

Katie Bain,

“I have shifted through an incredible amount of baggage and negativity.”

Andrea Bernstein,

“I was deeply impressed with how compassionate,insightful and innovative she is.”

Barry Komisaruk,
Ph.D. Behavioral Neuroscientist

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  • You’re all set and ready to dive in! Simply login to the membership area and get started right away!

Got Questions? Here Are All The Answers You Need:

No! You just need yourself and an open mind. You can use oil for the massages, but that’s absolutely your choice. Other than that you don’t have to buy any equipment and you can get started with the exercises right after your purchase. All the lessons and video trainings are available in the online membership area, so you can easily download them and watch them anytime you want. It’s easy and hassle-free, so simply enjoy and have fun with it!

No! You can do this program as a single woman or man, as well as a couple! Tantra is both a very personal practice and a powerful way to increase intimacy and intensity in a question “All of this feels overwhelming, and frankly I’m a little intimidated…

Yes, absolutely! You’ll be able to truly take your sex life to the next level! The level of balanced sexual energy, more control over your body and orgasms and I can promise you one thing: You WILL learn new techniques that allow you to go beyond what you thought was possible! So if you want MORE of the good stuff, this program is absolutely the right choice for you! Plus, like I said before: Mastering your sexual energy will also give you more energy in general, more creativity, more happiness and this will lead to incredibly positive changes in all areas of your life. Come and see for yourself!

Intro to Tantra is not just a program about sex. It’s also about increasing your energy levels, your creativity, intimacy and spiritual connection.

This program is designed to improve all areas of your life – obviously including your sex life! When you have blocks in your sexuality, you also have blocks in other areas of your life and Intro to Tantra will help you clear them once and for all so that you can create the life of your dreams. So really, multiple orgasms are just a bonus. You’re welcome 🙂

YES! Absolutely, yes! This course will guide you step by step with each lesson explaining all you need to know in detail. Tantra works on three levels: your mind, body, and spirit, and with this program, each of those aspects is addressed.

One of the key components of this program is releasing stigma, harmful beliefs, and pent up negative energy. So if you feel nervous or anxious about embarking on Tantra, know that this is completely normal and something many new students feel. But after a few lessons, we promise, you’ll be thrilled to dive into Tantra again and again and again.

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Get instant access to the entire course online.

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“My partner and I found strength in intimacy.”

Simply being in Psalm’s presence begin the Tantric wheel turning. Melting the ego into the breath, Psalm’s gentle guidance allows the body to respond to nature cues in the most sensual and profound way. In trusting Psalm with the delicacy of our relationship, my partner and I found strength in intimacy; a breakthrough of unimaginable pleasure!

Gabrielle Anwar,
Scent of A Woman, Burn Notice

“She has such an amazing insight from the woman’s perspective.”

Psalm Isadora, there’s not enough paper or time to describe this woman, she has such an amazing insight from the woman’s perspective. She is definitely a pioneer with getting people to start having real dialogue about the taboos of sex, intimacy and relationships.

Keith Mitchell,
NFL linebacker, Pro Bowl

“Breakthroughs and true transformation is what you can expect.”

Psalm Isadora is one of the few people that I recommend when it comes to anything with true tantra and sexuality. Through working with Psalm, I learned how to work with my breath in a powerful way that led to loving myself more, embodying my confidence more, and expanding my service to the world.

I now incorporate Psalm’s unique breathing teachings into my therapy and coaching practice and have found them to be beneficial beyond words for my clients. Breakthroughs and true transformation is what you can expect.

Christine Gutierrez,

Success Stories From Students Who Mastered Psalms’ Trainings

Case Study 1

Sexually incompatible couple… now enjoying sex like never before.

There was a trainer I worked with who was having trouble in the bedroom with his girlfriend. She didn’t know how to let go in the bedroom. She’d been taught to have embarrassment around sex. I taught him how to do deep breathing and eye connection. He didn’t believe it at first, but then he said he had a breakthrough. He wondered how deep the relationship could be, but because of Tantra they became more compatible…

They could enjoy things they didn’t like before. When people don’t think they’re sexually compatible, it is usually because one partner is more shut down. One partner doesn’t know how to talk about it because it’s embarrassing, but Tantra technique helps people communicate about these issues so they can also have sexual compatibility and enjoyment.

Case Study 2

Long-married couple with a dead sex-life… now happy with their passion rekindled.

Psalm’s teachings helped a long-married couple revive the passion in their relationship. They were both 70, and they’d been married for 35 years. They thought it was over and were thinking of getting divorced… they thought they weren’t attracted to each other anymore. But with both of them it rekindled what they had and it allowed them to meet again.

Case Study 3

Woman with trauma and poor health… now happy and free.

I worked with a woman who had Lyme’s disease and was dealing with sexual abuse from her father and grandfather. Even though there are lots of self-help programs out there, at least 50% of the people who come in are going to have sexual trauma. If you have trauma, it can be really scary. You can spend all of this money without getting to the heart of it. It can also be connected to chronic illness and healing that mind-body connection. This makes it a health issue as well.

If you have trauma, know that you are not alone. At least 1 in 3 people have had sexual trauma and I believe the real number is much higher. I have walked 1,000’s of women and men through this healing process and you need to know there is hope beyond being trapped as a victim.

If you have trauma, especially sexual trauma, it doesn’t matter how many programs you do. You’ll have to do this deeper work to actually heal the trauma.

Case Study 4

Woman with lack of sexual confidence… now has increased confidence in business.

This is a story of someone getting in touch with her sexual energy then getting a new feeling of empowerment in business… (Lynda) is a single woman who ends up taking a program to feel more confident in herself. This confidence then helps her attract higher-level clients. She got more in touch with her self-worth and started to value herself more.

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