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Digital Tantra Certification

$5000 Off

December Special
Enroll by December 31st to get $5000 off

This Special Offer Ends In:

PLUS – Exclusive To Tantra Touch Customers:
A 60-minute private call with an Isadora Tantra™ elite coach for the first 15 applicants

Master Your Fears and Unleash Your Greatness to Bring Light, Love and Empowerment to the World

Introducing Metamorphosis, an accelerated 4-month digital certification program by Tantra and Sex Expert Psalm Isadora, that will connect you to your core, empower your brilliance, unlock your full potential, and awaken your soul’s path to greatness in this world, using the sacred principles of Tantra.

A Calling to Liberate Your Passion, Purpose and Potential


METAMORPHOSIS is an immersive 4-month training designed by Psalm Isadora, compiling the core learnings and principles of her 10-year experience in traveling the world to study with Tantric and healing masters, and teaching thousands of people globally.

Previously an elite and intimate 11-day live coaching program, Metamorphosis is now available as a digital online course. Psalm has made her most valuable tools available for both men and women to learn the power of Tantra from the comfort of their home or on the go.

The world needs more guides like you.

I’m always amazed by the individuals I meet through my work. It motivates me when I meet people who are aligned with my mission to strip others of their shames, fears, and insecurities around who they are sexually and energetically; and unlock their true brilliance and potential to inspire, heal, empower and make a radical difference.

Most people say they want fulfilling relationships, to make peace with with their families, to be successful… but they’re still too afraid to “let go” of their old stories.

I’ve met so many people who are stuck in deeply embedded patterns that were locked in from childhood upbringing, trauma or survival skills that worked once… but have limited their growth ever since.

I work with people to uncover their core SELF underneath their story, and remove it so THEY can shine, and help others shine.

Yes, my style isn’t for everybody – it’s for those who are ready to drop their ego and liberate their potential. I come across strong. I ask the hard questions. I demand the excellence of people all the time. One of my best gifts is to bring out other people’s greatness.

But I can’t do the work alone.

If there’s a part of you that believes you could play significant role to play in this global movement, I need you to pay it forward. I’m inviting you to an opportunity to empower others that need guides like you. Like us.

So get ready to experience some great breakthroughs, hack your insecurities, put yourself on the hot seat, and transform more lives, starting with yours.



Isadora Tantra™: Empowerment For Personal and Professional Growth

This is not your usual Tantric or Coaching program.

While we do encourage deeper connections through mind, body, and spirit engagement using Tantric sex as one modality, our methods also non-sexual. Nudity and sex are not required for you to participate in Metamorphosis 🙂

Tantra is ultimately about deeper connection to yourself. The program is created to give you breakthroughs and help you overcome your insecurities, so you can have authentic relationships with everyone in your life. Various methods and techniques from this program have also been used by corporate coaches and therapists, and it has helped triple their business.

“Psalm is so passionate about what she does that everyone wants to be a part of it.”

Daymond John
Investor on ABC’s Shark Tank and CEO of FUBU

What’s unique about Metamorphosis is that it applies the principles of Tantra to drive personal and professional growth. Whether you are seeking to transform your relationships and your inner self, or seeking to transform your brand, your leadership, and your business.

Not enough people are talking about sexuality and how it plays an important factor in every single aspect of our life.

Tantra is an intelligent philosophy of ancient secrets that takes sexual empowerment and energy beyond the bedroom. It positively awakens and cultivates that appetite, desire, curiosity and energy that is intrinsic within all of us, and that has the power to determine our self-healing, self-confidence, self-respect and self-actualization.

What You’ll Benefit From Metamorphosis

  • Liberate yourself from the deeply-rooted limiting patterns from your childhood and reveal the true YOU.
  • Explore and uncover your unique essence so you can serve what your soul has come here to do.
  • Access Psalm Isadora’s entire arsenal of scripts, methods and techniques, collected over 10 years of studying with Tantric masters in India and across the world. She has applied these to a modern audience as her personal laboratory to create methods with instant transformation.
  • You are your first soulmate. Overcome your insecurities and fears to experience a breakthrough that will ignite that special “glow”, to turn you into a magnet for positive energy and people that will give you fulfilling (personal and professional) relationships.
  • Light the fire in you and initiate your evolution into your authentic self, so that you then can go out and offer the same to others.
  • Discover your story and how to craft your voice so that you can deliver your unique message to the world and be heard.

What You’ll Learn From Metamorphosis

You will be given scripts to use so that you will feel confident leading these unique tools I have created:

  • The KISS Method

    A 3-step mindfulness method that you can do with or without a partner, to help you connect on a deep level and gain confidence in your relationships.

  • Yes Method (3-Part Tantra Breathwork)

    A powerful breathing exercise that gives you a burst of energy, clarity, creativity and confidence whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Chakra Mapping for Blockages

    Psalm’s personal chakra mapping chart to use on yourself or your coaching clients to locate the physical, psychological and energetic blockages you may have that’s preventing you from the life you desire.

  • Tantra Heart Meditation

    A simple two-part exercise to release your heart from your mind’s vicious grip and turn your dominant thoughts from fear-based to intimacy-based.

  • Regression Through Body Memory

    Issues are in the tissues – How to recover the ‘Polaroid’ of the first time you froze a memory in your body to help you release stored traumas in the body that cause reenactment of negative patterns.

  • Bonus Materials & Exercises

    You’ll also get to experience Psalm’s techniques unique processes such as her signature “hot seat”, where she strips down the story of a client to give them a personal breakthrough.

  • Isadora Tantra™ Coach Certification

    If you’re looking to become an Isadora Tantra™ Certified Coach, you’ll learn the required 4 Fundamental Teaching Scripts and 6 Pillars of Excellence.
    … and SO MUCH MORE.

Who is Metamorphosis for?

The Metamorphosis certification program is by successful application only. To enroll, all applicants need to go through a 20-minute discovery call to ensure the best fit for both the applicant and the author, Psalm Isadora.

Metamorphosis offers two paths:

  • Path A: Become an Isadora Tantra™ Certified Coach
  • Path B: Complete the program as an investment in your personal growth

However, this immersive program is not for everyone! It’s for the high achievers and visionaries who are ready for a profound transformation, and who are not afraid to be uninhibited, vulnerable and unguarded with themselves.

It’s for those who are ready to look at their own ‘stuck’ patterns, willing to do the work to achieve the breakthrough, want to be part of something bigger than themselves, and make a positive impact in the world through this rapidly-growing movement that is fast getting the attention of mainstream media networks and attracting more and more clients.

Why should you trust Psalm Isadora?

Psalm Isadora is a renowned Tantra and sex expert who has worked with Hollywood actors, athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs and therapists. She’s been featured on CNN, ABC, Dr. Drew, Playboy TV and more.

Psalm has had to live through her own rock bottom, to the point of being suicidal until an inner voice awakened her desire to be free of her ‘victim story’. This inner fire and voice led her to India and her journeys around the world, because she realized she could take her greatest trauma and turn it into triumph: by helping others find liberation and growth through the tools she had found.

Because of the dark places she had to walk through herself and the soul retrieval work she had to do, Psalm is a teacher who can take you to deep depths of yourself, and hold your hand, step-by-step, across your fears and limitations… all the way to the other side: your life in technicolor. You, living your full potential as your most empowered self.

She’s reverse-engineered everything she’s learned in 10 years of traveling the globe to study with masters of Tantra, Sufis and Native American Medicine Men; and teaching guides, coaches and clients of various backgrounds, to put it all into Metamorphosis, which she hands to you now.

What People Say About Psalm Isadora

“Psalm taught me breath work that helps me perform better as an NFL athlete.”

Psalm taught me breath work that helps me perform better as an NFL athlete. I really use it before a game, when I am more nervous because it clams me down and help me stay grounded. When I am about to walk into a situation like that in front of 90,000 people and being filmed for TV, my nerves get on the edge because there are so many things that can happen that I can’t control. It helps me to be less emotional and not react from fear or anxiety, but to react with calm focus and perform better and make better choices. I just breathe better in general, Psalm taught me how to breath more deeply and find pockets to expand my energy in my body so that when I run I can last longer without getting tried.

Chris Carter,
NFL Linebacker

“I was deeply impressed with how compassionate,insightful and innovative she is.”

When I saw Psalm’s Lecture at a recent workshop, I was deeply impressed with how compassionate, insightful and innovative she is, integrating yoga, tantric massage, and sex therapy; clearly, Psalm is a new role model for sexually empowered women.

Barry Komisaruk
Ph.D. Behavioral Neuroscientist

“She has such an amazing insight from the woman’s perspective.”

Psalm Isadora, there’s not enough paper or time to describe this woman, she has such an amazing insight from the woman’s perspective. She is definitely a pioneer with getting people to start having real dialogue about the taboos of sex, intimacy and relationships.

Keith Mitchell
NFL linebacker, Pro Bowl

“Breakthroughs and true transformation is what you can expect.”

Psalm Isadora is one of the few people that I recommend when it comes to anything with true tantra and sexuality. Through working with Psalm, I learned how to work with my breath in a powerful way that led to loving myself more, embodying my confidence more, and expanding my service to the world.

I now incorporate Psalm’s unique breathing teachings into my therapy and coaching practice and have found them to be beneficial beyond words for my clients. Breakthroughs and true transformation is what you can expect.

Christine Gutierrez

“My partner and I found strength in intimacy.”

Simply being in Psalm’s presence begin the Tantric wheel turning. Melting the ego into the breath, Psalm’s gentle guidance allows the body to respond to nature cues in the most sensual and profound way. In trusting Psalm with the delicacy of our relationship, my partner and I found strength in intimacy; a breakthrough of unimaginable pleasure!

Gabrielle Anwar
Scent of A Woman, Burn Notice

“She does some deep, beautiful, soulful work.”

Psalm Isadora exudes sensuality in a palpable way. Her story is the fuel to her fire, it’s inspiring beyond words. She does some deep, beautiful, soulful work. This is a REALLY powerful program. The topics covered and the vulnerability and openness just blew me away. It was deep, inspiring and really helpful to move me in the direction of my greatest self. Transformation at its best. Thanks for sharing this!

Steffani Fort LeFevour

Experience Metamorphosis on our advanced interactive digital learning platform that you can access on your laptop, tablet and smartphone.

What Do I Get With Metamorphosis?

In this 4-month digital coaching and certification program, you will receive:

  • 3 monthly 60-minute live coaching calls with Psalm Isadora.
  • Become part of the private Metamorphosis online community to participate in discussions and share your progress, your stories and your insights.
  • Isadora Tantra™ Coach Certification, which you will receive upon completion of the 4-month program, after you’ve passed the ‘4 Fundamental Teaching Scripts and 6 Pillars of Excellence.
  • BONUS 2: Access to Psalm Isadora’s video courses worth over $500, including:
    Urban Kama Sutra™ to teach you the ancient Tantric secrets to multiple full-body orgasms and deep levels of pleasure in a practical, playful and highly effective way – with or without a partner.
    Jade Egg: a 14-Day Journey for women, that will tap into their sensual feminine energy and their vaginal and pelvic powers for mind-blowing sex and intimacy.

Success Stories From Those Who Mastered The Principles In Metamorphosis

NFL athlete with fear and anxiety… now performing better with calm focus.

Chris Carter
NFL linebacker

Psalm taught breathwork to an NFL athlete, Chris Carter to help him perform better. He uses it before a game when he is more nervous because it calms him down and helps him stay grounded. When he is about to walk into a situation like that in front of 90,000 people and being filmed for TV, his nerves get on edge because there are so many things that can happen that he can’t control.

It helps him to be less emotional and not react from fear or anxiety, but to react with calm focus and perform better and make better choices. Psalm’s techniques help him breathe better in general. Psalm taught him how to breathe more deeply and find pockets to expand his energy in his body so that when he runs he can last longer without getting tired.

Famous actress with intimacy block… now have a blissful marriage

(Name Withheld For Privacy)

I worked with a famous actress who was in an Oscar nominated film. She was having trouble in her relationship. She had given up on finding the right person. She had done pretty much everything in the self-help space… traveled to India, learned yoga, meditation, worked with countless healers. She was in a relationship crisis when I met her; she was about to break up with her live-in boyfriend, but she was racked with guilt about how it would affect her kids.

She decided to try working with me as a last resort before asking him to move out. Within the first session, she began to feel there was hope. I worked with her alone at first and we got to the core of her issue, which was a blocked second chakra, her sexual energy was disconnected from trauma. Because of that trauma, she needed to feel safe with a man. She was repeating her pattern.

I call this re-enactment in relationships; she was pushing her boyfriend away because she was actually afraid to open up and be more vulnerable for fear of being hurt again or abandoned. In our session, she was able to recognize that she wasn’t able to surrender into her more feminine energy and be vulnerable.

After we worked together, I taught her how to do exercises by herself… then I taught her boyfriend how to do Tantra massage and they had a massive breakthrough where she was able to surrender to him and instead of moving out and breaking up they got engaged and married and live together now.

Woman with trauma and poor health… now happy and free.

(Name Withheld For Privacy)

I worked with a woman who had Lyme’s disease and was dealing with sexual abuse from her father and grandfather. Even though there are lots of self-help programs out there, at least 50% of the people who come in are going to have sexual trauma. If you have trauma, it can be really scary.

You can spend all of this money without getting to the heart of it. It can also be connected to chronic illness and healing that mind-body connection. This makes it a health issue as well.

If you have trauma, know that you are not alone. At least 1 in 3 people have had sexual trauma and I believe the real number is much higher. I have walked 1,000’s of women and men through this healing process and you need to know there is hope beyond being trapped as a victim.

If you have trauma, especially sexual trauma, it doesn’t matter how many programs you do. You’ll have to do this deeper work to actually heal the trauma.

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Please only apply if you are serious about attending, and can commit to the program duration and its enrollment fee of $15,000 $10,000 (December Special).

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