Learn The Ancient Tantric Secrets To Unlock Your Full Feminine Potential And Join The Global Movement of Sexual Empowerment by Becoming a Certified VENUS CODE Leader And Coach

Welcome to The Venus Code Certification Program – an intimate 6 month journey and LIVE training with sex expert and relationship guru Psalm Isadora that will enable you to fully heal from old trauma, connect with your sensual feminine essence and transform all areas of your life as well as the lives of others – using the ancient Tantric secrets to sacred and empowered sexuality.

The results described are not necessarily typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

As women, we’ve been taught that it isn’t safe to access our full sensual potential.

We’ve been taught that sexuality is taboo. And that it isn’t safe for us to claim our feminine power or truly own our worth.

But I say it’s about time that we break the taboos and get rid of these old patterns!

It’s time for us women to unleash our inner Goddesses, embody them with every cell of our being and finally give ourselves permission to shine with all our glory.

The only problem is….

Most women don’t know HOW to do it.

They don’t know how to heal their trauma and pain from the past.

They don’t know how to unpack the most precious and important part of themselves that we’ve been taught isn’t safe to access.

And they don’t know how to balance their sexual energy and use it in a way that allows them to live a life full of pleasure, intimacy, creativity and connectedness.

Which is exactly why I created the Venus Code program for you!

The Venus Code Certification is A 6-Month Learning Experience That Allows You to Experience Profound Healing, Break The Taboos and Clear Away The Blocks That are Holding You Back From Living The Fulfilling Life You Deserve.

But not only that! When you join me for the Venus Code journey, you’ll also be able to use the tools for your own business or to start a new career teaching these ancient secrets to other women – in a modern, playful and highly effective way!

Whether you already run your own business, you want to start a career as a coach or simply know that it’s time to heal from the past and unlock your sensual feminine energy, the Venus Code Certification offers everything you need!

Is The Venus Code Certification Right for You?

The Venus Code Certification is not for everyone and I only work with women who are committed to achieving transformational results and doing the work necessary in order to get there.

Because if you want to become a (better) coach, you need to go through the process yourself.

I created the Venus Code for you, if you…

  • are ready to heal your trauma from the past and finally release pain, anger, resentment and so on – so that you can be free to enjoy life and all the pleasures it has to offer
  • have done other workshops and trainings in the past and feel like you didn’t get the profound results you were looking for – this program is one of a kind and it WILL transform all areas of your life
  • are a coach or Yoga teacher wanting to explore new tools and techniques to combine with your own to achieve even greater results for your clients
  • want to become a coach or teacher and create a thriving career using the ancient Tantric secrets to sacred sexuality

Whether you want to join for business purposes or not, the Venus Code is an in-depth program that will take you on a journey of profound healing and self-discovery and you’ll come out of it feeling more powerful, sensual, confident and connected than ever before.

Curious to find out what exactly what you’ll learn during our 6 month journey?

The Venus Code Curriculum at A Glance

The 6-month program is divided into 2 sections. There’s a “non-sexual” curriculum focused on deep intimacy that will help you establish profound connection and become a much better coach and teacher in your field, and the “sexual” part of the curriculum.

Even if you’re a business or a life coach and would never teach the sexual curriculum, imagine how effective it would be to teach your client the powerful intimacy tools like the KISS meditation, the Tantra breathwork and the 5 Romantic Archetypes.

These ancient tools have been effective for thousands of years and I guarantee that they will be effective for you – and your clients!

You’ll learn:

  • The KISS meditation for intimacy skills
  • 3-part Tantra breathwork for bliss, arousal and relaxation
  • OYoga™ exercises to feel confident, love and strengthen your body and enjoy more pleasure in the bedroom
  • The 5 Romantic Archetypes and how to identify them to fully understand how you’re wired to give and receive love best
  • Chakra Mapping- exercises to go through the 7 chakras and clear blockages for each and every one of them
  • Kundalini Activation
  • Exercises to ignite your Shakti feminine sexual chi energy
  • Goddess Archetypes
  • How to process negative emotions
  • How to heal trauma from the past
  • Heart opening meditation for vulnerability and resilience
  • Treating depression and anxiety with mindfulness holistic approach
  • How to turn on your sex magnet in less than 2 minutes and be irresistible and radiant
  • How to balance hormones
  • Increase energy, serotonin and dopamine
  • Authentic communication to express desires
  • And so much more…

You’ll learn:

  • Urban Kama Sutra™ Tantra breast massage technique to experience the pleasure of touch on a deeper level
  • Urban Kama Sutra™ Yoni massage technique to help you connect with your own desires and get your sexual energy into flow
  • Multiple Orgasms and full body orgasms
  • 4 kinds of orgasms and how to achieve all of them
  • Exercises and practices to turn regular sex into tantric sex and create a whole new experience for yourself and your partner
  • Urban Kama Sutra™ sexual positions to bring in variety and deeper connection to your bedroom
  • Awakening your senses through Tantric touch
  • OYoga™ in the bedroom
  • Massage techniques
  • Microcosmic Orbit Method
  • How to create Tantric rituals in the bedroom for sacred sex
  • Balancing masculine and feminine energy
  • How to turn sex into a meditation
  • How to work with single women and couples
  • 2 Buddhas sacred sex meditation
  • Sexual healing
  • And so much more…

Are You Ready to Say Yes to Your Own Healing, Claim Your Leadership and Create the Fulfilling Life of Your Dreams?

Here’s the truth:

Your Sexual Energy is At The Core of Being a Woman- If You’re Blocked In Your Sexual Energy, You’re Blocked in All Areas of Your Life!

Since sex and intimacy are so taboo, we tend to put this whole area of our lives on hold. But when you do that, you don’t even realize that you’re also putting your entire life on hold.

I’m here to help you and support you to unpack that most precious and important part of yourself that you’ve been taught isn’t safe to access.

You will come out of our 6 months together feeling transformed, healed, free and absolutely balanced in your energy.

There’s a lot of programs out there, but there is not a single program like the Venus Code.

I’ve created this whole program because nothing else like this exists. All the other trainings out there dance around the topics that we will finally uncover and heal on our journey together. Nobody else teaches you how to balance your sexual energy, heal your traumas and do this profound work because it’s still such a big taboo….

But imagine where you could be after these 6 months of impactful work! Imagine all the breakthroughs you’ll have, all the baggage you’ll finally get rid of, all the old patterns you’ll break, all the wounds you will heal and you can even start your own business or take your existing coaching business to a new level, if you’re wanting to teach.

The results described are not necessarily typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

But the most important question is this:

Where Will You Be in 6 Months if You DON’T Give Yourself Permission to Heal, Learn and Grow?

The answer is quite simple: You’ll be exactly where you’re at right now.

But what’s important is this: You HAVE the means to do this if it’s truly important to you. And if you’re feeling blocked, stuck and frustrated in some areas of your life and nothing is happening then you can trust one thing for certain: Nothing will change in the future either, unless you take action NOW.

And don’t forget: It’s safe because I’m here for you, you have enough time to go through all the healing and process it and you’re also in a safe space surrounded by other wonderful women who are sharing this incredible experience with you.

Here is What Some of The Women Who Got Certified as Venus Code Coaches and Are Now Out and Making a Difference in the World are Saying About the Program:

“When I saw Psalm lecture at a recent workshop I was deeply impressed with how compassionate, insightful, and innovative she is, integrating yoga, tantric massage, and sex therapy; clearly, Psalm is a new role model for sexually empowered women.”

Barry Komisaruk,
Ph.D. Behavioral Neuroscientist; Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Rutgers University, senior author of “The Science of Orgasm”

The results described are not necessarily typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

“In trusting Psalm with the delicacy of our relationship, my partner and I found strength in intimacy; a breakthrough of unimaginable pleasure! “

Gabrielle Anwar, Actress

The results described are not necessarily typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

“My husband and I got into a little disagreement on the way to a friend’s party where Psalm was to be giving a complimentary tantra coaching demonstration.
The exercise that she had us do was the KISS connection- to stare into each other’s eyes, hands on our partner’s heart and practice breathing in unison. This simple exercise really helped us to reconnect.
After the party we went home to test out the breathing exercise which led us to having one of the most connective love making sessions we have ever experienced!
We are still using this practice to continue with this deeper connection.”


The results described are not necessarily typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Are you ready to say yes to your own healing, claim your leadership and create the fulfilling life of your dreams?

Then join the Venus Code Certification now by choosing your best option below!

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How Does The Venus Code Certification Program Work?

The Venus Code Certification is a 6-month program where we’ll get together for one weekend each month in Los Angeles. The journey starts on May 21st, 2016 and here’s an overview of all our dates together:

You’ll learn and grow during each weekend we spend together and then you have time to go back into your life and integrate it. The program is very immersive but not overwhelming since you have lots of time and space in between our weekends to process and deepen your learning experience.

You don’t need any prior training or knowledge if you want to join the Venus Code Certification! All you need is to be a leader, have an open mind and give yourself permission to break the taboos and finally heal all areas of your life!

The results described are not necessarily typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

More Interested in The Business And Teaching Part of The Venus Code?

The Venus Code Certification program not only takes you through a personal journey of healing, growth and expansion, it also allows you to take all of the techniques and tools I’ll teach and use them for your own business.

You can start your career as a coach and teacher from scratch or use the tools to combine them with your existing business and style of coaching or teaching.

What you might not know about me is that I have a strong background in marketing, so I’ll also be there to support and guide you when it comes to marketing your business in an effective and professional way!

Plus: You’ll learn exactly how to teach and use these ancient techniques because you’ll watch me teach them over the course of 6 months!

I Traveled All Across India to Learn The Ancient Tantric Secrets and How I Could Apply These Techniques to Modern Lovers.

I’ve been traveling to India since 2007 and found my “sexual healing” in tantra and yoga. I’ve spent 9 years studying these ancient techniques so that you don’t have to and now I’m revealing them to you in a fun and playful way that makes the ancient wisdom easily accessible and compatible with our modern day world!

Ever since I’ve discovered those secrets, I’ve been teaching tens of thousands of people from all across the globe how to be happy and healthy with their sexuality, relationships and intimacy and take their sex life to the next level.

And now I’d LOVE to teach them to you!

Look, I went from couch surfing to being a TV star featured on national television, teaching the ancient secrets of Tantra to the masses. Why would you care? Because the point is that – right now – we’re at the forefront of a sexual revolution. It’s happening right now and this is your chance to be part of this revolution, part of something bigger than yourself and do it at a time when it’s not yet mainstream and there’s an abundance of opportunities for you out there.

This is only the beginning and I’d love for you to be able to become a part of this powerful movement right now!

Are You Ready to Say Yes to Your Own Healing, Claim Your Leadership and Create The Fulfilling Life of Your Dreams?

Then join the Venus Code Certification now by choosing your best option below!

Regular Price: $10,000

Special Early Bird Price

40% off – You Save $4,000

Pay in Full – $6,000

 For your security, all orders are processed on a secure server.

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Got Questions? Here are All the Answers You Need, Goddess:

No. This is profound work and you want to learn how to work physically. I show and don’t just tell and you need to be there with me in person so that I can teach you and physically demonstrate the tools and techniques. I won’t offer this program online because I know from experience that you won’t get the same results! So if you feel called to join the Venus Code, don’t procrastinate because it seems like a lot. Trust that this is the perfect setting, the perfect time and that you’ll be joining the perfect group of women. They’re already waiting for you to join!

Yes, absolutely! You can simply pay a deposit of $2,000 and then pay the remaining balance in 4 easy instalments!

That’s not a problem at all! There are many yoga teachers, life coaches and even business coaches taking the Certification program and they get lots of value out of it, too. You can teach the powerful intimacy tools like the KISS meditation, the 5 Romantic Archetypes, the Love Languages, the Tantra breathwork and so much more. These tools will allow your clients to create deeper levels of intimacy, connect with themselves or a partner on a profound level and it will also help them to increase their energy and vitality. Everything I teach is easily and beautifully combined with other tools and adds an innovative touch to your existing practice.

I run the Venus Code Certification twice a year so should you be unable to make it to one of our weekends, you can make up for it by joining this weekend when I do it again. But please know: By joining this program, you’re making a commitment to yourself, to your healing, your growth and success. I’ve had women join me from all across the globe, flying in every month from Europe or Asia in order to be able to experience this program. Since we have limited spots available, it’s important that you are going to be able to make it to most of the live sessions – for yourself and for the entire group!

No! All you need is the inner knowing that you are a leader and the desire to inspire, teach and guide other women towards their empowered sexuality. You’ll learn everything you need to learn during the 6 month program and I’ll be personally guiding and supporting you along this journey – so whether you have a background in Yoga or coaching or you just left your corporate job, if you feel a YES in your heart, then the Venus Code is right for you!

Are You Ready to Say Yes to Your Own Healing, Claim Your Leadership and Create the Fulfilling Life of Your Dreams?

Then join the Venus Code Certification now by choosing your best option below!

Regular Price: $10,000

Special Early Bird Price

40% off – You Save $4,000

Pay in Full – $6,000

 For your security, all orders are processed on a secure server.